Durable EVA Shock Absorbent Sole: Our Active Recovery Slides features a shock-absorbent sole that assists with recovery, soothes foot fatigue, and reduces stress on tired, achy feet, back, and joints. Give your athletes the support they need to bounce back after a demanding game.

Maximum Stability and Durability: Unlike minimalist construction slides, our Active Recovery Slides provide maximum stability and durability. Your athletes can trust that these slides will support their feet for maximum recovery after withstanding the pounding they experience on the field or court
Perfect Fit with Adjustable Fiber Velcro Upper: Our Active Recovery Slides feature an Breathable Mesh Sides, ensuring a perfect fit for every athlete. Customize the fit to provide maximum comfort and support.
Sleek Design : Our premium Active Recovery Slides offers a sleek design with luxe gold accents appropriate for any occasion. Whether your athletes are attending PT sessions, sports practice/events, or simply complementing their favorite outfits, TRONUS Active Slides have got them covered.

Gold-trimmed Upper Mesh Sides: Add an additional touch of style and needed breathability. Keep your athletes cool and fresh all day long with our Active Recovery Slides' ultimate breathability. The breathable upper mesh sides ensure proper airflow, preventing discomfort and allowing for optimal recovery
Moisture Resistant Double Memory Foam Insole: Our slides feature a moisture resistant double memory foam insole that keeps feet dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Your athletes can focus on their recovery without worrying about discomfort or distractions.

Customized Lightweight EVA Sole: Enjoy shock absorption and maximum stability with our customized lightweight EVA sole. Your athletes can trust in the durability and support provided by TRONUS Active Recovery Slides