Team Tronus

Our Mission

"To redefine success through innovative footwear that blends comfort, style, and foot health, empowering individuals to recover today and win tomorrow with resilience and determination."




Dana Simpkins

As TRONUS' Chief Project Officer since its inception, I've seen our journey from being renowned for crafting the most comfortable sneakers on the planet to expanding our focus and revolutionizing athlete recovery, a mission we're all deeply passionate about.


Micco Brisker

As TRONUS' Chief Marketing Officer and part of our founding family, I've guided our brand's journey from creating the most comfortable sneakers to advocating for foot recovery awareness, essential for extending athletes' careers. With a family background in elite sports, this mission is deeply personal, and we are dedicated to integrating recovery into every athlete's regimen, from youth to adulthood.


Dr. Kevin Flythe

Dr. Kevin Flythe, Chiropractor with Professional and Elite Athletes states" TRONUS Recovery Slides are not like anything I've seen before, the lightweight, but sturdy shock absorbing soles has shock-absorbing properties which cushions the foot and protect it from impact, thus reducing joint stress, It's more comfortable and reduces foot fatigue and the durable material outlast most traditional slides.