Frequently Asked Questions

(last updated 2/24/2023)


Can I play Basketball in Tronus?

TRONUS are athleisure sneakers. TRONUS are not sports specific sneakers, and are NOT made for playing basketball, football, or any other sports or "extreme" activities.


When can I place my order?

You can place an order during anytime, once a product is available to the public. Pre-orders may be placed during our VIP pre-order events and occasionally at other times stated on our website, or when we notify our VIP Members. 


What does "pre-order" mean?

Pre-order means you're securing your shoes before they are officially released. 


When can I expect my pre-order?

Current round of pre-orders TBD..



This upcoming launch is a limited release, so saving your spot guarantees you a Tronus Monarch when pre-orders open.


How does it work?

"Save your place in Line" allows customers to have first access to Pre-order before V.I.P customers and release to public.


What can I expect?

"Save your place is Line" customers will receive advance notification for pre-order launch date.



How do I exchange/cancel my order?

We know how important your order is, so we aim to fulfill orders as quickly as possible! While we cannot cancel or change an order or pre-order once it has been placed, you are welcome to return your items in accordance with our Easy Returns Policy once your order has been delivered to you.


If I return my item is there a restock fee?

Yes, there is a 10% restock fee per item.


What if I want to order in bulk?

For retailers please contact: retailers@tronusofficial.com


What protects my order from being lost or stolen?
TRONUS offers premium service to protect your order from theft, damaged or lost shipments. Just opt-in at check out. 

How to I file Tronus Protection Package claim form if my order is lost, stolen or damaged?

If you insured your order with Tronus Protection Package at checkout, you would receive a confirmation email.

All other questions . . .

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