TRONUS Athlete Spotlight: The Trailblazing Journey of ZT Torres

TRONUS Athlete Spotlight: The Trailblazing Journey of ZT Torres

TRONUS Athlete Spotlight: The Trailblazing Journey of ZT Torres

In a world where passion and determination collide with raw talent, ZT Torres stands as a testament to what young athletes can achieve. With a sports journey that began almost as soon as she could walk, ZT's story is not just about athletic prowess; it's about breaking barriers, overcoming challenges, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Guided by her father's insights, we dive into the inspiring tale of this young athlete.

Introduction to Sports: A Foundation Built on Passion and Diversity

From an early age, ZT was immersed in the world of sports, thanks to her father's own athletic inclinations. "She was always around sports," her father recalls, a sense of pride in his voice. This early exposure led ZT to begin gymnastics and soccer at the tender age of four. Despite initial tears in soccer—stemming from a reluctance to share the ball—ZT quickly found her stride, moving from recreational to club soccer by age five, and simultaneously diving into the world of flag football, a decision encouraged by her father. The choice between gymnastics and soccer was a pivotal moment, with ZT opting for the latter, setting the stage for her future in sports.

Breaking Stereotypes: Excelling Among Boys

ZT's athletic journey took a remarkable turn at five when she joined an all-boys select flag football team, not only breaking gender barriers but also earning the Offensive MVP award. "She deserved the Offensive MVP," her father asserts, highlighting not just her natural talent but also her joy and acceptance among her teammates. This experience laid the groundwork for ZT's approach to sports, emphasizing inclusivity, teamwork, and the sheer joy of playing.

Tackling Challenges: The Grit to Get Back Up

The transition from flag to tackle football introduced ZT to new challenges, particularly the physicality of the game. "It taught her that she could take a hit and get back up," her father explains, underscoring the resilience and determination that tackle football instilled in her. This period of her life was a testament to her grit, as she navigated being the only girl on the team and eventually transitioning to the role of a kicker.

A Track to Remember: Juggling Multiple Sports

ZT's foray into track and field, culminating in her 4x1 relay team's qualification for the AAU Junior Olympics, was a high point marred by the harsh lesson of overcommitment. Balancing the demands of soccer, track, and other sports led to a strained hamstring, a pivotal moment that taught ZT the importance of listening to her body and prioritizing her health.

Soccer Successes: A Love Story with the Beautiful Game

Among the various sports ZT has embraced, soccer holds a special place. "The camaraderie that comes with playing with the girls... she fell in love with the game itself," her father shares. For ZT, soccer is more than just a game; it's a passion fueled by teamwork, shared victories, and the unique joy that comes from playing the sport she loves.

Decision Making: Striking a Balance

Faced with difficult decisions, like prioritizing soccer over the AAU Junior Olympics, ZT and her father emphasize the importance of communication with coaches and taking breaks. "Balance," they agree, is essential for dual-sport athletes to avoid burnout and ensure longevity in sports.

Mentors and Motivation: Inspired by Excellence

ZT looks up to Jaedyn Shaw, a local player who made it to the USA Women's Soccer Team, drawing inspiration from her journey to push her own limits and aspire for greatness both on and off the field.

Overcoming Obstacles: The Quest for Balance

The greatest challenge for ZT has been managing the physical toll of engaging in multiple sports. Through injuries and learning the hard way about overuse, ZT and her father have navigated the delicate balance of pursuing multiple passions while staying healthy and competitive.

Future Aspirations: Dreaming Big

Looking ahead, ZT harbors professional aspirations, driven by her love for sports and an unwavering determination to reach the pinnacle of her athletic career. When asked what her ultimate goal in soccer was, she confidently said, "I want to go Pro at 14 years old".

A Message to Aspiring Athletes: Embrace Your Potential

To young athletes, especially girls dreaming of a career in sports, ZT's message is clear: "Always believe in yourself. Be confident. Take it as an opportunity to be great!" Her journey underscores the importance of self-belief, resilience, and the courage to chase your dreams.

Recovery: The Foundation of Performance

Understanding the critical role of recovery, ZT adheres to a disciplined regimen of nutrition, stretching, and rest, ensuring her body and mind remain ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

ZT Torres's journey is a beacon of inspiration for young athletes everywhere. Through her story, we're reminded of the power of passion, the importance of resilience, and the endless possibilities that await those brave enough to chase their dreams. Welcome to the TRONUS Athlete Spotlight, ZT Torres – a young athlete whose story is just beginning to unfold.


Hometown/where you live now: Dallas, TX

Sports team: Solar Soccer Club

Sports/activities you participate in: Soccer, Flag Football, Gymnastics

Accomplishments: At 5 years old she won the Offensive Player for a Championship "All boys" Football Team, 2X Surf Cup Champion, Vegas Cup Champion, 2X SuperCopa Finalist, Texas State Cup Champion and Dallas International Girls Cup Champion

How you use TRONUS as part of your active recovery: After training or game, ZT uses the Tronus Slides to take the pressure off her feet and knees. I believe as soon as the game ends, recovery begins.

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photo credit: Brandon Torres Sr.